“No Olympics” is a series of posters. It is my artistic response to cancelled in 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

I investigate the situation of a sports hero whose life story is suddenly deprived of a climax moment – the Olympics. 

In the gallery I present all the current works from the series. The new ones are for now in my imagination, but they already are competing with the previous ones.


Hand-made original bas-reliefs preserved in the form of posters in photos taken by the artist photographer Leszek Fidusiewicz.


Olympic posters are documents from which we can interpret the social and political atmosphere of the past. They announce and promote each new global sports festival. They also emphasize the ties between sport and culture.

It has become a tradition that after each Olympics, the president of the International Olympic Committee selects one poster to become the Olympics’ image.


I am a sculptress and a former representative of Poland national team in fencing, two-time European vice-champion in fencing.
The collection of materials in which I work is open. Ideas that are associated with the need to learn new skills, solutions and techniques are constantly arising in my head. This need results from the fencing board experience where each opponent is a new puzzle to solve.